2023 Christmas Sleepout

Join us for our annual fundraising event on December 15th at the Greystones Marina marquee as part of "Christmas at the Plaza" Read more

Tiglin & City Bin - waste reduction initiative

City Bin shares Tiglin case study on the waste disposal and reduction initiative across all Tiglin centres. Read more

TIGLIN COLUMN | An Extraordinary Story of an Algerian Refugee Who is Helping the Homeless

Meet Mustafa and read about his extraordinary story as an Algerian refugee who is helping the homeless. "Here in Ireland, people are very friendly and open. You can enjoy your life. As long as you work hard and are doing your best, it doesn’t matter where you are from. Whether you are rich or poor, we are all equal". Read more


Article by Irish Independent | Wicklow on the afforestation project at Tiglin Brittas Bay women's rehabilitation centre grounds. Read more

TIGLIN COLUMN | Lebanon in turmoil: human struggle as the byproduct

Tiglin Colums interviewed Mohamed who has fled Lebanon to Ireland in search of a better life. Mohamed shares on the situation in Lebanon, his work with Tiglin & his experiences of Ireland so far. Read more


4/7/22 RTE 1 welcomes Cian O'Melia & Aubrey McCarthy Read more

Yaroslav Livestream

Click link below Read more

Kyiv to Greystones

In this article you can read the story of Yaroslav - a young man who fled Ukraine and is currently living in Tiglin | Coolnagreina in Greystones. Read more

Tiglin Chair Aubrey to run for Senate

Tiglin Chair Aubrey to run for Senate, all of us at Tiglin wish him every success. Read more