Tech for Tiglin Sleepout GoFundMe Click Here 

(All donations through GoFundMe will be matched by Salesforce)

This our 7th year supporting Tiglin with their winter appeal. For many years the Tiglin Challenge outreach team have served men and women affected by homelessness, drug and alcohol addiction on our streets.
Over the years we have taken to the streets of Dublin to sleep out in the cold and wet, giving us a feel of the real life challenges of homelessness. However similar to last year due to Covid we had to adapt.
On Dec 14th we plan to bring you some live entertainment while you stay home/sleep out (more details to follow).
Numerous Tech Companies are spearheading this initiative including Salesforce, LearnUpon, Veeva & Intercom.
Would your tech company to get involved ?? Please reach out, we'd be delighted to have your support.
Thank you for your donation - we will put all funds to great use