Tiglin recently gave all its residents and participants an opportunity to register to vote therefore empowering them to take a hold of their precious rights as Irish citizens. As a follow on we invited local candidates for the upcoming general election up to Tiglin to pitch there no.1's to Tiglin residents. We were delighted to welcome Stephen Donnelly, Andrew Doyle, John Snell, Seamus Connor, Anthony Fitzgerald, Valerie Cox and John Larkin.

The evening, chaired in a Vincent Browne style by Mr. Aubrey McCarthy (Tiglin Chairman) also gave the candidates the opportunity to mix informally with students, staff and local residents over a coffee.

The evening commenced with each candidate expressing their views and solutions on solving some of Irelands challenges.

Andrew Doyle TD opening remarks outlined some of the successes Co. Wicklow has seen in the area of housing and highlighted the important role Tiglin has as a rehabilitation and housing provider in Wicklow saying: “if there was a model to follow, it should be what was done here at Tiglin”

When challenged by those present Stephen Donnelly TD again echoed these sentiments by highlighting Tiglin’s success saying “Tiglin is the most amazing rehab programme in the country, one of the things I would do as Health Minister would be to help Tiglin, because it’s not just for those in addiction, it is for their families and their communities.

Valerie Cox commented “look at people like Fr Peter McVerry, Brother Kevin and Aubrey McCarthy who are making a difference and take advice and inspiration from them.”

Tiglin Chairman Mr. Aubrey McCarthy followed by stating that "empowering people to use their voice and their vote is just one of the ways that fear and stigmatisation is removed”

In concluding the evening Independent candidate John Snell warned “Actions speak louder than words, those in power have had the chance to act and introduce change but they have not”. 

It was a great evening and a wonderful opportunity to make our residents feel part of broader society as they complete their 16 month rehab programme with us.