Paul’s life was one of robberies, extortion, and violent crime. He became a drug addict at the age of 20, and spent most of his youth in and out of prison. The life of crime and addiction ‘led me to places where I nearly lost my life twice, was shot and wounded several times and brought back to life twice. It led me to a place of isolation and despair’ He still carries scars from a prison attack where he was cut from ear to mouth and he carries shrapnel in his arm. He spent months is 23 hour lock up.

Niall became a gambling addict at 17 years of age. Drugs and drink addiction followed and by his mid 20's, Niall’s life had spiralled out of control. He ended up homeless and found that the life of a homeless addict was one of despair and heartbreak. ‘I started to think about taking my own life, death became an option’, he says. Niall was several times brought back to life from drug overdoses. Niall successfully completed the programme and is due to marry later this summer.

Karen married into an abusive relationship in her late teens. After her son was born the abuse got worse. Soon she was drinking to ease the pain. But when her drinking became addictive she lost her job and her home. When her son was taken into care, she lost hope and found herself in a recovery unit after a suicide attempt. For many years she lived a life of despair and hopelessness. Karen completed the programme and is now remarried awaiting the arrival of her second child.

These are just a sample of the dozen's of men and women you have had their lives transformed by completing the 16 month programme in Tiglin.