Supporting Vital Services at No Bucks Cafe.

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No Bucks Cafe, operating at the Lighthouse is providing vital services at in unprecedented times.  We are all experiencing isolation and social distancing has become part of our everyday life.  But, have you ever thought of what it would be like to already be isolated because you are homeless?  We call this those who are “doubly isolated”.
Currently open 7 days, we are meeting the needs of 200-280 each day.  Initial engagement happens as people present for a take away meal but our strengths lie in referring people towards options that last longer than a meal.  Our service is a signpost to supports and options that might help people to exit homelessness.  Our team of dedicated staff and volunteers are working on the front line to help link people with services, accommodation, crisis intervention, health care and addiction rehabilitation.
Your support helps us not just to give a hand out but enables us to empower people by referring them to the right kinds of supports.
Please help us keep this service going by donating whatever you can.
For the price of a coffee you can make a difference to someone who is experiencing extremely challenging circumstances in an isolated and lonely situation.

Thanks for your support.

Aubrey McCarthy, Tiglin Board Chairman