The Tiglin Community Sleepout is taking place on December 15th at Greystones Marina.
13,179 people are homeless in Ireland this Christmas. Tiglin work with some of the most vulnerable who are caught in these circumstances and in 2023 we have served approx 120,000 hot meals as well as providing clothing, sleeping bags, addiction support groups and many other interventions on a daily basis. As these numbers continue to climb, we aim to highlight this situation, remind these people that they are NOT invisible and raise funds to continue our work into 2024.
"I came into Tiglin after spending 1 year sleeping in a tent, my health had declined to such a state that I was unable to walk. Today, I am free from my dependence on drugs, I have a job, my family back and somewhere safe to live. Without their help I don't know where I would be today". Ciaran
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Your donations and support are greatly appreciated. More information about the sleepout to come.